Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wednesday WIP: Beachy Ripple

I've just got back from stroking lots of lovely yarn, Woodbine Wools, a local based company had an open evening with discounted yarn.  I was restrained, and am thus very proud of myself, but I have bought a little something ;)

Anyway, hayfever is driving me mad and giving me a pounding head and blurry irritated eyes, so I'm off to bed but first I want to share my current WIP.

My man was watching me work on my granny stripe blanket in bed and requested that I make a blanket as a gift for his friend's baby who has a Baptism coming up.  Now this is the guy who rarely cares what I am making, so of course I went out and got some suitable yarn to start crocheting up a storm.  I chose another of Attic24's patterns - her neat ripple, and this is it so far.

The colours I ended up selecting remind me of a beach, the little boy's parents didn't find out what gender he was before he was born so I went with the fact that a lot of his bedding etc is (hopefully) neutral colours, and then added some blues into the mix.  It's very restful I think.  I just hope his parents like it.


  1. looks lovely. I need to sit down and learn to crochet properly, there are so many beautiful designs out there that I want to try

    1. I've hardly knit for quite a while now as I am loving the simplicity of hooking so much! Definitely give it a try when you get chance :D