Friday, 1 June 2012

Friday FO: Beachy Ripple & Garterrific

Well I am very relieved to be posting this!  As I type, the Beachy Ripple is in the washing machine, just in time for a little bit of blocking before the baptism on Sunday.  Unfortunately, as I was forcing myself to finish it in the very hot weather (I wanted to be doing anything other than a blanket whilst the sun was shining!), I realised that I hadn't made anything for my son's 9th birthday which is the day after the baptism.  I shall just have to make it up to him in some other way, I have an idea for a Star Wars embroidery I might try out.

I have actually done a couple of small projects as well, as I'm trying to figure out what to do for both my boys' teachers at the end of the year, which is woefully close.

I've also finally gotten around to putting tassles on my Garterrific mini shawl and taken photos of it being modelled by my small fella.

So there we go, some FOs!  I do finish things off eventually ;)

This weekend is set to be manic!  My eldest brother is visiting, it's Harley's birthday, we're going to a couple of Jubilee celebrations, and of course the baptism where I get to hand over my ripple blanket.  Hopefully I won't forget to take my camera along to any of it though.  Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, are you celebrating the Jubilee at all?


  1. Love the blanket, what a lovely gift!

    And I did a double take at your not so little boy :-o

    1. lol, he's the smallest boy in the school though o.O but he has had a growth spurt recently.