Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Vintage Rose FO

photo edited in later due to app photo being teeny

This is my first time blogging on my phone using the blogger app - hope it works!  I've been working on a handbag for one of my good friends who is a year older tomorrow, I'm skint so I pulled up ravelry, searched for something doable from stash I already had within 2 days and voila!

I used some crofter dk fairaisle effect yarn for the front and back, and a dusty pink Debbie Bliss Rialto for the rose petals.

I'm trying to stash bust and so pleased I managed to do so while making something just right for my friend.  She loves roses, and the whole vintage apparel thing.

Hopefully this post is successful as it'd be much easier to post from my phone because I don't seem to use the pc much at all. [edited to add... formatting was awful and pic was tiny, might be useful if I need to post on the go but it is no substitute for proper blogging, poor effort blogger!]

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