Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wednesday WIP: Bloomin' Lovely!

Forever inspired by all of the awesome blogs around me, I thought I'd share this WIP (work in progress) with you as the beautiful Evelyn does regularly on her blog.

This is my bloomin' lovely cushion, using Attic24's Blooming Flower cushion pattern and my giant bag of Stylecraft yarn.  I am absolutely in love with it already, I cannot help but fondle the colourful petals, I'm not done yet, got a couple more rounds to do and then I start working the back side of the cushion up... I can't crochet fast enough, and I have my round cushion pad all ready and waiting.  I shall be taking it with me to knitting group tonight to carry on with it.

 Isn't it glorious?  I fully intend to make another (I bought 4 different sized and shaped pads, might as well if I was paying postage right?) but a bit bigger, I think next time I'll use a hook slightly smaller as I can see the holes and it's bugging me somewhat.

I actually misplaced the hook I was using for bloomin' lovely earlier, so quickly worked up this little jar hugger to keep my hooks safe and looking pretty, and then I'd found my 4mm by the time I had finished it.  I've lost so many hooks it's not funny, I used to have 3x 4mm hooks at one point, a beautiful Surina hook, a couple more Clovers etc.  I think my yarn must eat them...

Not looking forward to weaving in all of these ends...

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