Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday Four

I was inspired to do this post by a beauty blog I regularly peruse A Little Obsessed who has a similar kind of idea, and thought it would be fun to share four 'somethings' with you all on a Friday.

This week I have four things I've been drooling over online, honestly if any of these made their way into my greedy hands I would be thrilled!

£9.95 from The Literary Book Company
I am a reader.  I've often had other obsessions, such as scrap booking, cross stitch, graphics, make up and so many more, but I have always, always adored reading.  Coupled with the fact that I have developed a new love of coffee makes this mug awesome for me.  Sitting down with my Kindle or a book and a cup of coffee is a perfect way to relax in my mind.

£9.95 from The Literary Book Company
 Yes, it is another mug, from the same website but I honestly cannot choose between them!  The first one would be ideal for when I need a time out from the boys, not that youngest would be able to read it yet, hehe, and I know that the bloke would get a chuckle out of making me a coffee in this one.  I know it is certainly apt...

Light up Your Mood Stickers, £6 from ycn
 Does this one really need any explanation?  Hilarious stickers for my boring white light switches that would show I do have a fun side, sometimes.  I am mad about them, and already know which eight light switches I'd funk up with all of them.  I'm finding it hard to resist ordering them right now...

Kindle Cover on Etsy
I need a cover for my Kindle, desperately, as I am a bit clumsy and like carrying it around with me in my bag. This one is just beautiful with it's bright fabric.  Etsy has a huge range of handmade covers by lots of different sellers but this is the one for me.  I don't really need it as I am more than capable of knitting one, but oh my gosh I waaaant it!  So much more attractive than the fugly leather ones Amazon stocks for the Kindle.

What four things should I share next?  Hmmm... I better put my thinking cap on...

Thursday, 27 January 2011

It's a dirty word

I joined up to Slimming World yesterday, apparently we're not supposed to call it a 'diet' but if it wasn't a diet I would be allowed to sit down with a coffee and handful of biscuits to write this post so I don't care, I shall still call it a diet.

I am feeling rebellious already, this does not bode well surely?  I was going to write about how I hate dieting, depriving myself of that moment when I pop something truly delicious into my mouth, knowing that it's bad for me but just loving it anyway (right now I am craving toasted crumpets with oodles of butter all over them).

However then I thought about it.  I need to do this mainly for my children, I do believe that bad eating habits can be inherited and I don't want my boys to have bellies or moobs that wobble when they run.  This is difficult though as DS1 is a fussy eater, and DS2 is going through the refusal stage.  Have my own fussy eating habits bought this on?  It's a definite possibility and not one I really want to look too closely at.

Of course there are other reasons for my decision to finally stop arguing against dieting to 'fit in' better with people who look at me with disgust or pity in their eyes, making me want to bash them firmly over the head with my multi-pack bag of crisps.  I shall try to share them all here in time.  I plan on posting about them when I feel my willpower caving into the lust for a bit of a cake.

Being fat (yes I said 'fat' not overweight) is difficult.  I struggle to find clothes that I am happy with, that actually fit in a flattering way.  Many people can say that, but I don't think the average woman can grasp what it is like for someone who is many dress sizes bigger than her.  I didn't get it myself when I was younger and much slimmer (UK dress size 8/10) and would go shopping with my mum who would weep in changing rooms.  I thought I had a big backside in those days, and my hips were too wide... What minor complaints those were!

So despite the fact that I have a few delicious fruit flavoured boiled sweets sat right next to me, I am not giving in and I am going to give this diet my all.  Even if the patronising, lame crap the leaders spout makes me roll my eyes heavenward.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Possible DIY Project: Button Brooch

One of the items on my list is to craft ten new things, I've always loved homemade bits and bobs, and I especially adore ones that are actually relevant, whether to myself or the person I'd buy/make for.  When I spotted this cute button brooch on Cow&Co for £20 it made me think just how easy it would be to make, and much cheaper as well.  I'm going to keep an eye on buttons and things in charity shops... it's a definite possibility to make for myself.

Friday, 14 January 2011

#67: 1/10 done! Helloooo Knot Bun

I'm still determined to try and complete my list, and so onwards with #67 I went... I have only ever had my hair up in a basic messy bun, or a ponytail, and now that I am trying to take better care of my hair I decided to make mastering ten new up dos one of my tasks.

This is a knot bun, it is a literal knot in my hair.  I have crossed one of the ten out, although I can't say have mastered it with all of my hair, using half of my hair was a bigger success than this.  I like the appearance of it, and I think it'll look even better, and actually stay in place properly, once I have grown some of my layers out.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

I tried to do something amazing today...

I went to give blood today.  Unfortunately I couldn't as my iron levels were too low.  I will eat more iron-rich foods, and try to get it higher before next time (another four months) but I am a bit panicky that I won't get to finish one of my items on the list:  Give blood at least three times.

I suspect this will not be the first time I get turned away due to an on-going medical problem.

This, coupled with some family dramas going back five and a half years cropping up today means that I am not feeling great today.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Project Playroom

One of the items on my list is to organise what is currently called 'the junk room' into a pleasant playroom for my boys, which will cut down on toys being stored in our tiny living room.  This is going to have to be done bit by bit because I want to buy new furniture and paint it, but I am already plotting how to do it.

My eldest likes to make models out of his K'Nex and Lego and they often litter his bed, and the sideboard in the living room so that he can play with them for a few weeks before creating new ones.  So I thought of some shelving to put them on, along with their larger toys (cars, art supplies etc) that won't fit neatly into the plastic toy drawers I plan on buying.

So far on my wishlist for their room are these from Ikea at only £12.25.  I think I'd paint them with a white wash or maybe a bright blue.

And I really like the look of these too, although I think I may get them one each to put on the wall near their beds (they have bunks) so that they can keep juice bottles and toys they take to bed with them in the pockets.
This does require a trip to Ikea though, which is about 24 miles away, and as I don't drive will mean waiting until SO has some time free to take us.

More locally, but still requiring the car, there are these that I think would help contain all of their toys nicely:

Ben 10 storage boxes and mini drawers to keep their Ben 10 figures in that could go on the shelving unit.

And I am thinking of some kind of fun toy storage system like this, but I can't copy and paste the pic to share here.  They have a lot of toys that would go in them brilliantly but they have a *lot* of books and I can't see them all fitting in that one, so I might have to look into getting separates instead of the two combined.

There are a few other must-haves, such as coathooks, and pretty stuff!

I'm looking forward to having it all sorted out and arranged, but not looking forward to actually doing it...

*insert welcome post here*

Well, I always find introductory posts awkward, so this most likely won't be of much interest to anyone apart from me, but that's good because this blog is for me first and foremost.

I've started this blog up to aid me in my 101 in 1001 days challenge, it'll be a miracle if I complete it but right now I am all full of good intentions.  Don't be too disappointed in me if I don't, it's my nature to drift away from obsessions, plans, hobbies etc, having ADHD.

I'm 27 years old, I live in England, have two sons, and a SO who are saints to put up with me a lot of the time.  I love my family, have some family dramaz on occasion, and have some wonderful friends.  I read, a lot, I spend too much time procrastinating instead of cleaning, I tend to bury my head instead of sorting things out.  There's loads more, but I forget.

I'm still working on my list, coming up with 101 things, even checking out other people's lists is not so easy.  Not all of my list will seem very challenging to you, but for various reasons they are challenging to me, I've chosen some fun challenges as well as some more difficult ones though as I don't want to get tired of the list too soon.

This blog is the first thing I can tick off the list.  Go me!