Friday, 17 February 2012

Friday Four 17/02/2012

As I started the 'four things Friday' posts I've decided to stick with it, this week's is a list of things that have been happening lately.

1.  Embroidery!  I was inspired by a blog I discovered a few days ago, particularly this post, I just love the doodle style heart.  So I dug out my embroidery threads and aida from when I used to cross stitch, and using a book I bought before Christmas I began practising stitches.  Excuse the appalling phone snap, I will get a better photo when I complete it.  I added on another coloured section yesterday and hope to make some more progress today.  I can definitely see me embroidering a bit more, even if just to use up some of this floss that has been sitting around unloved for about 7 years *blush*  I have embroidered small things in that time and always planned on stitching truly pretty items (hence buying the stitch dictionary) but it's just not happened yet.

2.  I am feeling somewhat at a crossroads in my life right now.  I'm having major life changes thrown in my direction and I am just not sure which way to go, after an initial stress out over the thought, those same changes are now looking more appealing.  It would change everything however, and I'm just not sure I am brave enough for that yet.

3.  Sadness.  I can't really explain why at this moment in time, but I am certain it shall be explained in due time.

4.  Half term.  My boys are currently off school for the week and we have done nothing exciting at all.  We've hidden in the house because my health hasn't been great, and a lack of funds means I can't just throw money at them to entertain them.  Instead we've been playing games, watching films, and being silly.  I am planning a treat for them at the end of the month though, they're really quite well behaved children and I'm very fortunate.  It feels a little bit like a waste of a week but at least they will be going back fully rested up which my youngest definitely needed.

I'm now trying to think of other week day alliterations I could do as they are quite interesting :D

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

FO: Posey!

Meet Posey the pincushion!

This is not a fresh FO, but rather one from just before Christmas, I made three all together, two two tier ones as gifts for a couple of friends I had just taught to knit, and this one for my greedy self.  I added the little tie on bit to  keep some of my stitch markers handy as I always find it frustrating to dig around for them in the bottom of the bag I keep my circular needles in.

It was a quick knit, sewing the tiers together was a bit of a pain and I actually managed to break a needle by trying to bash it through, but it was worth it as they turned out soo cute and used up some yarn scraps.  I found I had to be careful when stuffing them as one of them was stuffed too tight, and I was not the best at sewing the yarn around to created the petals either but I am still pleased with the end result.

I don't knit all that much any more, unless I find a must-have pattern or yarn, so once I've shown a couple of bits I've done over the past few months I can't imagine this will be a regular feature here, but I am developing a bit of an embroidery bug!

Long time, no blog

A bit of an understatement really, but I have returned to the world of blogging.  I am skipping the 101 things in 1001 days, I did achieve about a quarter of my list in the past year though... hair grew to my tailbone (then I cut it), we spent a fabulous week in Wales, I've baked more etc, but it was too unrealistic to expect my ADHD brain to stick to such a large task for such a long time really.

Instead, this shall be what it says on the tin, random.  I intend to be a dumping ground of things that are relevant to me, ramblings really, with the odd review thrown in for good measure.  It feels good to be back.  Now it's time for me to disappear and come up with some content.

Catch you later!