Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Project Playroom

One of the items on my list is to organise what is currently called 'the junk room' into a pleasant playroom for my boys, which will cut down on toys being stored in our tiny living room.  This is going to have to be done bit by bit because I want to buy new furniture and paint it, but I am already plotting how to do it.

My eldest likes to make models out of his K'Nex and Lego and they often litter his bed, and the sideboard in the living room so that he can play with them for a few weeks before creating new ones.  So I thought of some shelving to put them on, along with their larger toys (cars, art supplies etc) that won't fit neatly into the plastic toy drawers I plan on buying.

So far on my wishlist for their room are these from Ikea at only £12.25.  I think I'd paint them with a white wash or maybe a bright blue.

And I really like the look of these too, although I think I may get them one each to put on the wall near their beds (they have bunks) so that they can keep juice bottles and toys they take to bed with them in the pockets.
This does require a trip to Ikea though, which is about 24 miles away, and as I don't drive will mean waiting until SO has some time free to take us.

More locally, but still requiring the car, there are these that I think would help contain all of their toys nicely:

Ben 10 storage boxes and mini drawers to keep their Ben 10 figures in that could go on the shelving unit.

And I am thinking of some kind of fun toy storage system like this, but I can't copy and paste the pic to share here.  They have a lot of toys that would go in them brilliantly but they have a *lot* of books and I can't see them all fitting in that one, so I might have to look into getting separates instead of the two combined.

There are a few other must-haves, such as coathooks, and pretty stuff!

I'm looking forward to having it all sorted out and arranged, but not looking forward to actually doing it...

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