Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday Four

I was inspired to do this post by a beauty blog I regularly peruse A Little Obsessed who has a similar kind of idea, and thought it would be fun to share four 'somethings' with you all on a Friday.

This week I have four things I've been drooling over online, honestly if any of these made their way into my greedy hands I would be thrilled!

£9.95 from The Literary Book Company
I am a reader.  I've often had other obsessions, such as scrap booking, cross stitch, graphics, make up and so many more, but I have always, always adored reading.  Coupled with the fact that I have developed a new love of coffee makes this mug awesome for me.  Sitting down with my Kindle or a book and a cup of coffee is a perfect way to relax in my mind.

£9.95 from The Literary Book Company
 Yes, it is another mug, from the same website but I honestly cannot choose between them!  The first one would be ideal for when I need a time out from the boys, not that youngest would be able to read it yet, hehe, and I know that the bloke would get a chuckle out of making me a coffee in this one.  I know it is certainly apt...

Light up Your Mood Stickers, £6 from ycn
 Does this one really need any explanation?  Hilarious stickers for my boring white light switches that would show I do have a fun side, sometimes.  I am mad about them, and already know which eight light switches I'd funk up with all of them.  I'm finding it hard to resist ordering them right now...

Kindle Cover on Etsy
I need a cover for my Kindle, desperately, as I am a bit clumsy and like carrying it around with me in my bag. This one is just beautiful with it's bright fabric.  Etsy has a huge range of handmade covers by lots of different sellers but this is the one for me.  I don't really need it as I am more than capable of knitting one, but oh my gosh I waaaant it!  So much more attractive than the fugly leather ones Amazon stocks for the Kindle.

What four things should I share next?  Hmmm... I better put my thinking cap on...

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