Thursday, 27 January 2011

It's a dirty word

I joined up to Slimming World yesterday, apparently we're not supposed to call it a 'diet' but if it wasn't a diet I would be allowed to sit down with a coffee and handful of biscuits to write this post so I don't care, I shall still call it a diet.

I am feeling rebellious already, this does not bode well surely?  I was going to write about how I hate dieting, depriving myself of that moment when I pop something truly delicious into my mouth, knowing that it's bad for me but just loving it anyway (right now I am craving toasted crumpets with oodles of butter all over them).

However then I thought about it.  I need to do this mainly for my children, I do believe that bad eating habits can be inherited and I don't want my boys to have bellies or moobs that wobble when they run.  This is difficult though as DS1 is a fussy eater, and DS2 is going through the refusal stage.  Have my own fussy eating habits bought this on?  It's a definite possibility and not one I really want to look too closely at.

Of course there are other reasons for my decision to finally stop arguing against dieting to 'fit in' better with people who look at me with disgust or pity in their eyes, making me want to bash them firmly over the head with my multi-pack bag of crisps.  I shall try to share them all here in time.  I plan on posting about them when I feel my willpower caving into the lust for a bit of a cake.

Being fat (yes I said 'fat' not overweight) is difficult.  I struggle to find clothes that I am happy with, that actually fit in a flattering way.  Many people can say that, but I don't think the average woman can grasp what it is like for someone who is many dress sizes bigger than her.  I didn't get it myself when I was younger and much slimmer (UK dress size 8/10) and would go shopping with my mum who would weep in changing rooms.  I thought I had a big backside in those days, and my hips were too wide... What minor complaints those were!

So despite the fact that I have a few delicious fruit flavoured boiled sweets sat right next to me, I am not giving in and I am going to give this diet my all.  Even if the patronising, lame crap the leaders spout makes me roll my eyes heavenward.

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  1. ohhh hunny i really hope that all works out for you try not to give in to temptation i know you can (three weeks of the slimfast diet told me so ) love you xx