Wednesday, 12 January 2011

*insert welcome post here*

Well, I always find introductory posts awkward, so this most likely won't be of much interest to anyone apart from me, but that's good because this blog is for me first and foremost.

I've started this blog up to aid me in my 101 in 1001 days challenge, it'll be a miracle if I complete it but right now I am all full of good intentions.  Don't be too disappointed in me if I don't, it's my nature to drift away from obsessions, plans, hobbies etc, having ADHD.

I'm 27 years old, I live in England, have two sons, and a SO who are saints to put up with me a lot of the time.  I love my family, have some family dramaz on occasion, and have some wonderful friends.  I read, a lot, I spend too much time procrastinating instead of cleaning, I tend to bury my head instead of sorting things out.  There's loads more, but I forget.

I'm still working on my list, coming up with 101 things, even checking out other people's lists is not so easy.  Not all of my list will seem very challenging to you, but for various reasons they are challenging to me, I've chosen some fun challenges as well as some more difficult ones though as I don't want to get tired of the list too soon.

This blog is the first thing I can tick off the list.  Go me!

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