Monday, 23 April 2012


It's been a while hasn't it?  Let's just say, computer insurance does not always mean a quickly fixed PC...

So whilst I was computer-less, again, I've been a busy bee doing some of these pretty birdies...

And I've started granny squaring to make a blanket for my chair.

I also got some photos taken of my children by a local photographer (this is just a freebie sample one).

I did a little bit of embroidery and sorted through my floss...

Plus I had a Christmas all of my own when a very nice lady on freecycle decided to give me bags of yarn and knitting mags with patterns...

I went to my local knitting group for the first time and met some lovely folks, alongside my friends, here is one of them crocheting up a lacy blanket square

And finally, I started knitting up a shawl this weekend, a very simple one, but I can't wait to bind off and wear it!

I also discovered instagram for my android phone, hence where most of these came from.  I'm thrilled to be back though, and able to check out blogs once more.


  1. Woohoo! An update at last! :)

    Loving the birdies and the blanket squares. Nan does her crocheted blankets a little different... I think she just keeps going around and around until it's big enough!

    Loving the photo. Carter looks diddy and Harley has grown a LOT since I last saw him! :) They're both beautiful.

    I hope you're enjoying the knitting group.

    1. lol, yeah you can just keep crocheting for blankets, I did with the one I made for Carter's birthday - it's faster and easier but I like the appearance of the square ones,

      Harley is pretty tall now! And Carter is as small as always, though he's had a recent growth spurt he is still the smallest boy in his school, there's only two girls smaller than him lol. Thank you though, I think they're the most gorgeous children to walk this earth of course, but it is always nice when other people compliment them :D

      I've got another knitting group night this week, this time in The Crown so looking forward to that, but not going to eat there I don't think ;)