Saturday, 28 April 2012

Lucy Lovin'

I've been reading the Attic24 blog for a while now, and I love Lucy's eye for colour, in fact her home is beautiful from all the pictures I've seen, and her chatty style of writing is like sitting next to a firm friend over a cuppa, both of you with hooks in hand whilst chatting happily.  Her blog simply exudes warmth.

She has some pretty damn fabulous tutorials on there, and due to being so talented has inspired online stores to sell packs of the yarns she uses.  I would have liked the Lucy pack of Rico cotton but wasn't able to find it instock anywhere and Rico have discontinued some of the colours, so instead I ordered the Stylecraft pack of acrylic that she used for her Granny Stripe Blanket.

This pic is *not* true to colour, it's my instagram pic.

I'd just like to rave about the service I received while doing so from Country Crafts, I couldn't seem to find postage information on the website so I phoned them up instead.  I intensely dislike phoning strangers, but the lady at the end of the phone was friendly and knew exactly what yarn pack I was squeaking about!  She also told me that she, herself, enjoys Lucy's blog a lot.  Postage costs were the exact price they paid to send it by Royal Mail 1st class, no hidden inflation at all.  The best part?  That was at about 2pm yesterday and before 24 hours were up I had a rather large package in my hands.

As for the yarn, I confess I was a bit dubious, my preference has always been for natural squishy fibres, but I don't find the feel of the stylecraft too bad so far, although I haven't worked with it yet.  Not sure about the colours either, I can't help but think the greens are wrong, and there should be a truer purple in there, along with another yellow.  However I do love Lucy's finished blanket, so this could just be my eye for colour not being anywhere as close to talented as Lucy's is.

The biggest bonus?  I paid less for all of these 100g balls (17 of them!) than I have for 200g of pure wool in the past.  It's not anywhere near as beautiful, but it is durable, and I do not like the way varigated yarns look worked up in crochet.  So I am happy, and will certainly be chaining a new crochet project soon!


  1. I love her colour choices too, she's so inspiring :-) Are you planning a ripple blanket then? Or a granny stripe? Or something completely different!

    1. I'm torn between granny or ripple blankets, but first I want to make the blooming flower cushion, I fell in love with it a while ago :D